The World Cup camp moved back to Vargas today to wait for the regular winds

to return. The wind was out there but didn't quite pick up enough at the right

angle to hold any competition today.

After yesterdays spectacular action sailors were left to think of what might

have been and what lies ahead for the next few days. Most sailors sorted out

their equipment getting it ready for another day of battle.

Organizers and officials were all very upbeat today after completing enough

heats for the event to count towards the official PWA wave ranking for 2002.

PWA Tour Manager Richard Page

"It's nice to get the official competition under our belt, quite a surprise

from the usual onshore conditions usually experienced at Vargas, it just goes

to show the incredible versatility of Gran Canaria as a premier windsurfing

destination. We expect some great footage from the action yesterday".

Weather forecast still looks good for the weekend, so there's still a good

possibility of running the finals and double elimination...