Both Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Anders Bringdal have confirmed they will be attending Weymouth Speed Week 2009. The two were great rivals back in the day and neither have lost their competitive determination.

Bjorn has 38 world titles to his name and broke the original Weymouth Harbour Record which had stood for over 20 years in 2005. Anders Bringdal one of the best slalom and wave riders of all time attended WSW last year for the 1st time and only went and beat Bjorn’s record by over 2 knots, taking it to an amazing 38.22 knots over the renowned speed course.

So it will be a true sight to see these two giants of our sport go head to head once more. There will be clinics and demo equipment available plus the cream of UK talent including Dave White and Zara Davis. So if you want to watch or even take part the entry list is open and the event is set for October 10th to the 16th. Put it in your diaries now.