The legendary Brazillian brand Mormaii is now available in the UK!
The new UK importer had the following to say:
"Mormaii have been specialising in neoprene suits for some 40 years. They have been at the cutting edge of design and boast some of the most flexible, and warm, neoprenes on the market. Working closely with world champion Kauli Saedi they have produced a windsurf specific suit. The WINDSURF suit offers a unique combination of comfort, flexibility, and unrivaled warmth. It features 300% stretch neoprene, Anatomic Design, Aqua block surface, Titanium reflex technology, Anti flush internal waistcoat, Inoxidable steel zip with auto lock, and T-PU on cuffs.
For those of you looking for a more multipurpose winter suit they have the VARUNA. Designed to be an all sport suit, the Varuna offers the most flex and warmth possible. No longer will your suit hinder your movement, with 300% stretch neoprene throughout coupled with an anatomical design you'll find this suit unbelievably stretchy and comfortable. Complimenting the suit are cutting edge technologies such as hollow fibre on the abdomen and back, titanium reflex technology, antiflush waist coat, aqua block surfaces, Diamond knee pads and inoxidable steel zip.
Mormaii has a strong heritage in windsurfing and surfing. Built upon hours of rider development the suits have been designed to fulfill the requirements of the worlds most extreme watermen. If you're looking for a wetsuit that offers extreme warmth and comfort then Mormaii may be the suit for you.
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Mormaii Suits are available in the following shops in the UK:
LAR Watersports
H20 Watersports
King Of Watersports
Jamie Knox Watersports
Robin Hood Watersports"
Mormaii UK