Peter Svensson Talks Four Dimensions

FD Team: Peter how are you these days? Happy because it’s almost done or tired because you edit day and night?

Peter: Well, actually as I am writing this, I am exporting the final movie! And I can’t believe that we are done. It’s been the only single thing I have done for 5 months straight, every waking minute, normally 16-17 hours a day the last 2 months. It’s actually crazy to think about it! Today Andre leaves Gothenburg to go back to Hamburg with the Master DVD, and it goes straight in to production. That means my job is over! :)

FD Team: How did you get started with windsurfing movies?

Peter: I bought a camera at university to film our student parties. After some beers you forget the camera, and it was not used at all. Then I took it to Jericoacoara on a windsurf holiday back in 2005, where I realised I was better at filming windsurfing than pulling the moves myself. I messed around with the clips on my computer and put some Beastie Boys songs behind it, and hey… this is fun. And that’s basically the way I got started.

FD Team: Your new Project - the Four Dimensions Movie – how did this idea come about?

Peter: After my latest movie “Life” I thought about taking time off from windsurfing films for a while. Then Andre asked if I was interested to fly double helicopters filming the best guys. I thought well, this is probably the time to do it for real, once and for all. The project grew and we where planning new trips in the middle of the shootings, and the first 3 months we didn’t know where we were going the next week. This is just 1.5 months ago, and now the movie is done :=)

FD Team: Besides new angles and sickest action we might find some new editing techniques inside the movie? How much time you spend to learn these techniques?

Peter: Yes. I thought that there was time to try some effects I have been working on for a while now. They have been used before by other editors, and I was amazed by them. I spent some late nights behind After Effects, trying to figure them out. Lots of trial and error, but in the end I think we started to get them right. I think there will be some pretty cool moments in the final movie, and I hope it brings another dimension to our film.

FD Team: You have done now 5 Windsurfing movies in a little more than 2 years. How you find your motivation to keep being creative?

Peter: I’ve been doing nothing but windsurf movies straight for 30 months now. But the movies have been very different in terms of goal and customers, and I do feel a need to keep moving. If I find myself getting stuck in the same groove making the same movie over and over, then I will stop. But as Four Dimensions went so big and

we had a tight deadline, Sebastian Dörr has been a co-editor throughout the editing, and the motivation and ideas definitely increase with two editors.

FD Team: Will you be the most nervous person, once the movie starts to play inside the cinema on Sylt?

Peter: Yes, I would like to hold hands with someone down there. Or I’ll sit on the toilet throughout the show. To be honest, I am very proud of the final movie, and I think I will be able to enjoy the premiere.

FD Team: Tell us the best moment of the whole production process?

Peter: When me and Andre took off in 2 helicopters one afternoon filming Victor and Marcilio jumping at Camp One, Maui. The two best jumpers (not thinking of Köster for a while…) and two helicopters, all up in the air at the same time. Best hour by far.

FD Team: Any Final words?

Peter: Hmm. Yes, clean your ears. The Four Dimensions soundtrack will rock! And be sure to check out the October issue of BOARDS mag for the full story...


FD Team