White Air Extreme Sports and Live Music Festival - 18-20 September

White Air comes to Brighton this weekend and you can be the star! The White Air event has teamed up with the UKWA and Pryde Group UK to bring the 4th round of the JP/Pryde National Slalom Windsurfing Series. With three events now behind us after Windfest the tour now moves to Brighton in search of some classic conditions and excellent and enjoyable slalom racing. Brighton's windsurfing pedigree - made famous over the years having hosted the PWA tour many years ago - still draws in the windsurf masses and this latest megastar festival event is looking just as exciting.

Competitors get to race in the day and enjoy all the trappings of a world cup event with designated competitor areas for rigging, storage and hanging out - and if that’s not enough your entry gets you VIP access to all the live music attractions, including headline bands such as the Doves, Biffy Clyro and the Cribbs! Light wind options for windsurfers include exhibition racing for the crowds and technique clinics brought to you by some of the world’s leading windsurfing figures such as Robby Swift, Jamie Hawkins, Matt Perch and the Baker Windsurf Academy.

As an event competitor your entry fee includes an extra free pass for your partner or rigging caddy! This pass gives you all the trappings of festival and is worth up to £95 on a general admission basis! So it’s buy one and get one free and all for the price of a standard slalom event entry fee!

Pre entry is a requirement for security and access reasons; a list of competitors and their plus ones is required by the event to allow security access to the site and rigging/storage areas. "Your name's not down, you’re not coming in!"

For more info go to www.whiteair.co.uk

Enter via the UKWA at www.ukwindsurfing.com