Our last Diva week of the season was our busiest yet with 35 ladies taking part. We had the biggest advanced group of Diva's on record too, with 10 girls busting out the carve gybes! There was wind and waves for the first couple of days and then 'Eric' seemed to take a bit of a break, providing us with some gentler freeriding weather (he has been working hard all season though....) The evenings were filled with meals out, cocktail making and tasting and live music, whilst the mornings consisted of mountain biking, yoga and pilates. A great week was had by all with Tash, Morgan and Harriett providing top level instruction. Our Diva's of the week were Alice, Shelly, Genna and Jean, all getting some lovely prizes from Boardwise and Animal presented at the Friday night BBQ. And yes, of course the boys performed for us providing the treat/entertainment that can only be the infamous 'plate dance', thanks boys! I hope to see more ladies out in Dahab this winter for the next Diva week at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec, keep updated on dates on our website www.clubvass.com. Also, a big thank you to Jay at Globalshots.co.uk for taking pics of the girls!

Thanks to Animal, NeilPryde and Boardwise

See you soon, Amy