Jem Hall has just got back from his inaugural clinic to Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico courtesy of and his usual September Rhodes mission and it went off, best ever, oh my god, and many other superlatives that perhaps would be less PC.

Many of the pics from there will be gracing Jems ‘Wannabe a wavesailor’ series in our fine mag.

We're told that Jem and his crew had great wind and an amazing swell. His crew of 10 from all around the world truly went hard at it. The interesting fact is that of the 10, 8 of them were BUILT IN RHODES, and so if you have the fundamentals right then your wavesailing will rip – plane early, sail fast, fly upwind, look where you go, get low and keep the boom away – it’s all there.

Jem would like to say thanks to all of his Baja beauties for a great week / 2 weeks and purely for giving it their best and attacking the lip with passion. And the surfing and SUP'ing was also amazing!! Jem will be back to PSC NEXT YEAR on Aug 21 – 28 2010. Jem is now off to Brandon Bay, Ireland for his WINNER TO WAVESAILOR WAVE COACHING CLINIC, and then it will be Marvelous Mauritius. If you want to rip then join him and get your windsurfing performance enhanced : )

You can check out more pics on Jems blog on the Ezzy site, and you should also strongly consider buying his latest technique DVD - WINNER TO WAVESAILOR -