W4CR - £25,000 target in sight and money being used

Windsurfing 4 Cancer Research is delighted to announce that more than £22,000 has been raised, and they expect to receive a further sum as a result of Gift Aid that will enable the target of £25,000 in 2009 to be reached.

Thank you for such fantastic support!

All of your effort would count for little if the money weren’t put to good use. The Windsurfing 4 Cancer Research trustees have been in discussion with a number of good causes and research teams and have now allocated the currently available funds as follows:

£3,000 BRIGHT

£3,000 Macmillan Cancer Support

£7,000 Cancer Research UK - Skin Cancer

£7,000 Cancer Research UK – Life style and diet

We will be following each of the chosen causes and provide you with updates about the specific research projects and support that we have helped to fund.

David Tuttlebee continues to write his blog; this provides an account of his experience and the ups and downs of living with cancer. It is his hope that the blog will provide a degree of support and insight that will assist others.

Sunrise Sunset 2010 will be held on the 2nd May. Feedback on the 2009 event has been overwhelmingly positive but we know that for 2010, with your help, we can organise an even better and bigger national event. So that you can plan the 2010 event well in advance; in November we will be providing details of the many ways that the event was tailored and enhanced by local clubs and venues.