The Wave Twin Limited editions inclusion in RRD's wave line for 2010 means that they have the most complete and complimentary wave line to date, as their line also comprises a single and a tri-fin. The twins are the same shape of all the 2009 boards, due to the fact that they were a huge success with very high critical acclaim and test winning results. You can choose from the 99, 90, 82, 74 and 66 litres models with respective widths of 62, 60, 57.5, 55, 52.5cms and be sure that from side on to side off you will be ripping.

The improved features on the boards for 2010 are: - The mast box position has its middle point at 135, like all windsurf boards in the range 2010, for maximum performance and tuning range - Fin boxes are about 5 cm further forward compared to last year so as to allow more effective tuning - Together with Maui Fin Company we have opted for a new wave twin fins design that Maui Fin developed with Levi Siver: LS Wave Twins. Moreover, fins will be slightly bigger in term of size for every Wave Twin LTD model.

Technology: EXCLUSIVE Custom-made full sandwich with Biaxial Glass, which give us best results in terms of weight/strength. We kept Epoxy/Herex 100 stringers on bottom of the thinnest boards (mainly 66 and 74).

Check for more info and for a list of dealers. Have trust water does not lie.