Juice Boardsports realise that most windsurfers want to be fast and beat there mates, creating a real desire to continue to ever faster speeds. Speed sailing is a pure form of windsurfing, simple in concept but incredibly challenging and you can do it on any kit in any location, even create a competition on your own water via the www.gps-speedsurfing.com website. With the growing number of speedies out there Juice have onsite GPS demo's, we can help you set up your GPS and upload it to the GPS website.

We also can help you tune up your kit to go even faster and supply a great range of speed equipment including Chocco Fins, weight Jackets and Weight pouches, helmets, Gps units.

So give it a go you know you want to!!!

For further info contact Gump at Juice HQ on 01484 422146

Juice Boardsports are suppliers of Tushingham, Severne, Ezzy, Starboard and RRD