Starboard presents the HWR and LWR formula Formula HWR Designed for light to medium winds or for medium and Heavy Weight Riders, the Formula HWR provides the most all round performance. 2008 World Champion Wojtek Brozowski, Michael Polanowski and Remi Vila have come up with a new rocker line with 2mm extra tail-lift and a tail design with a new cutaway shape. Choppy water or flat water, underpowered or overpowered: the Formula HWR delivers peak performance.

Formula LWR The new Formula LWR is designed for medium to high winds or for medium and Lighter Weight Riders. The LWR has the same new cutaway shapes as the HWR with 5mm more tail-lift, providing more release, a livelier ride and making the board more immune to wind and water conditions. Starboard’s new Formula WoodCarbon Technology Starboard carried out thorough tests between pure wood technologies, pure carbon technologies and two variations of a new Wood Carbon hybrid technology across various wind, water and rider conditions. Starboard chose the hybrid WoodCarbon technology with a uni-directional 80g carbon deck; this hybrid construction combines the best of both worlds.

The Formula LWR and the Formula HWR WoodCarbons: two all-new designs for the 2010 and the 2011-racing season. Gentlemen, start your engines.