The British Wavesailing Association took the top 15 Pros and noted their board and sail sponsors. Then awarded points based on the overall championship rankings after four events. The higher up the rankings the sailor was, the more points awarded to their board & sail sponsors. Here are the results:


1st Goya 2nd Gun Sails 3rd NeilPryde 4th Naish 5th Simmer Sails 6th Ezzy Sails 7th Tushingham 8th Severne


1st Quatro 2nd Starboard 3rd RRD 4th JP Australia 5th Carbon Art 6th Goya

Quatro seem to have the UK competitive scene covered sponsoring Jamie Hancock (3rd) Ben Proffitt (2nd), James Cox (7th) and Graham Woods (11th) to name a few so no wonder they stormed to the top of the ‘board charts’! Gun Sails sponsorship of Jamie Hancock (3rd) and team mate Jack Hunt (8th) was a good call as they got them up into second in the sail rankings but it was Goya Sails who took the win with Andy King (6th) Nick Moffatt (12th) and Murray Saunders (13th) helping the Goya cause.

Thanks to all board and sail importers for sponsoring BWA riders. Here’s to a great 2010 season.