All the UK's top wave sailors and two sailors currently both ranked number

one in the world, Scot Mckercher and Ty Bodycoat, are in Ireland for the UK

triple crown comp.

Mast high plus waves, side on shore 5m weather. Gnarly condtions!!!!!!!

Day 1

3 Jumps and 2 Waves to count.

Final results after first round:

1st Scot Mckercher Australia (TBC)

2nd Tristen Boxford UK

3rd Rob Jones UK /local

4th Andy King UK

=5th Guy Cribb UK /local

=5th Ty Bodycoat Australia

Monster mast and a half high heavy sets coming through, terrifying even

hardened wave sailors. Tales of near death experiences all the rage.

'Man of the match' was Shawna Cropas, competing with the professional men,

kicking ass winning her second round heat blowing egos right out of the

water as she tore a mast high waves to shreds.

The forecast is nuclear for the rest of the weekend and today, Saturday, is

already shaping up to have some more big wave action.