2002 PWA Freestyle Qualifier Neuesiedler See Austria Day 1

Registration day and start of the PWA Freestyle Qualifier in Podersdorf, Austria.

Friday April 27, 2002


Perfect Freestyle conditions today at Podersdorf, Neusiedler See, Austria.

The wind came in smoothly at around 11 O' clock and everybody was prepared

for a relaxed morning. A little bit later the riders couldn't believe their

eyes because the wind picked up heavily within 15 minutes and sails down to

4.2 had to be rigged in a hurry.

The show went off and spectacular freestyle action could be seen. The 32 riders

fleet showed a lot of classic moves due to the fact that a new scoring format

was used including conventional tricks. But also top moves like Grubbies, all

variations of Spocks and clew first Spocks and even flat water Goyters and an

unbelievable new move from North Sails team rider Web Pedrick (North Sails/AHD):

a flat water Taka, he calls the Swazy, were performed.

A whole round was completed and the winner of the first round was the top seeded

Dutch rider Remko de Weerd (Gaastra/AHD),followed by Diony Guadagnino (Neil

Pryde/JP), Web Pedrick (North Sails/AHD) and Raimondo Gasperini (Fanatic). The

head judge decided to go straight into the losers round, since it is a double


Late in the evening the wind dropped and only a few heats remain to finish

the second round of the double elimination. The winner of the first round, Remko

de Weerd (Gaastra/AHD), is waiting for one of the following riders who are still

in the race to battle for the first place:- Martin van Geenhoven (North Sails/AHD),

Diony (Neil Pryde/JP), Alex Humpel (Neil Pryde/JP), Michi Schweiger (Naish/Naish),

Andy Pusch (Neil Pryde/JP), Raimondo Gasperini (Fanatic), Web Pedrick (North


2002 PWA Freestyle Qualifier Neuesiedler See Austria Day 2

It just canĀ¹t get better at the PWA Freestyle Qualifier in Podersdorf

Sunday April 28, 2002


Wind, sunshine and thousands of spectators made this an epic freestyle day.

The competition area was moved a little bit further out because of the wind

direction from southeast. The wind picked up during the first hour of the competition

and the riders decided to rig sails between 4,7 and 5,2 meters.

The mission of the day was to complete the six remaining heats of the double

elimination. We saw a very strong performance from two Austrian riders Michi

Schweiger (Naish/Naish), and Alex Humpel (Neil Pryde/JP), who got fifth and

forth respectively.

It was a hard battle between the top three riders: Top freestyle rider Web

Pedrick (North Sails/AHD), from the Gorge was, in spite of an excellent performance,

beaten by Diony Guadagnino (Neil Pryde/JP), the young rider from Venezuela who

showed amazing moves and amongst many others a perfect back loop on flat water.

He then had to face Remko de Weerd (Gaastra/AHD), and was sailing at his best

to beat the Dutchman in the first final.

Since Remko won the first round and Diony the second final of the so-called

double elimination, another final had to be sailed to decide whom the absolute

winner of this first double elimination was. This time the Dutchman showed all

his tricks in a very clean and technically brilliant way and took the lead over

Diony Guadagnino (Neil Pryde/JP), who seemed after so many heats a little powered


Result after one double elimination:

1. Remko de Weerd (Gaastra/AHD)

2. Diony Guadagnino (Neil Pryde/JP)

3. Web Pedrick (North Sails/AHD)

4. Alex Humpel (Neil Pryde/JP)

That is the result at the moment, but the races go on for two more days.

With an explosive exhibition session, where all the riders showed their best

moves very close to the crowd, this amazing windsurfing day came to an end..

But now the second discipline, the party discipline is on schedule: Tonight

with a nice little party at the famous Martinskeller.