Yep, it's finally happened: your favourite windsurfing magazine is now available on your favourite mobile gadget.

Purchasing the App automatically includes the latest issue of BOARDS magazine. Then you'll be notified of any new issues, which can be purchased from within the App, as can your favourite back issues (from the last year). There's interactive page flipping where pages follow your fingers and a zoom feature, which overcomes the inherent problem of reading magazines on mobile devices. A unique sharing feature allows you to show the mag to friends, just like you might in the 'real' world!

Plus access to bookmarks, a contents page, and great search tool which allows you to not only search the magazine you're reading but all your back issues too. A 'Pixelmag' can be read anywhere, regardless of data connection - essential for reading on the move on planes, trains, automobiles...

The App's only 59p - go on, you know you want to!