Newtownards Sailing Club in County Down has instituted a new service giving

instant relief for windsurfers and sailors around Strangford Lough. For 60

pence per minute, "Dirty Debbie" will speak to you in soothing tones


tell you just what you want to hear.

Debbie is in fact the first Windtalker to be installed in Britain and she

provides the current wind strength and direction right at the club's

excellent windsurfing location. She will go on to give the average

statistics over the last hour so that you can gauge if the wind is rising

or falling. The documentation with the system says that the voice used is

digitised from a real person whose name is Debbie. However when Alan Watts,

the club windsurfing rep, tried to set up the premium telephone line, he

was put through the mill as the authorities checked up in case the number

was to be used as an '0898' chat line. When word got out about this, the

nick name 'Dirty Debbie' was born and stuck!

So if you want to know whether it's worth hitching up the trailer or if you

are just a sad and lonely windsurfer, why not give Debbie a ring on 090

6800 7055.