The final day of the 2002 Verizon King of the Cape Freestyle Pro-Am saw

winds, blowing from the SW in the 15-20mph range with higher gusts. Weather

forecasters, iWindsurf and NOAA, were spot on this time in predicting the

days winds. As such, the event got under way early so that all the rounds

could be completed for the remaining pro, amateur and novice heats.

Starting off in the morning the novice heats were run with Juniors first and

then the adults following. Most of the Novice Junior Division heats were

dominated by Christopher Bernabella [Bonaire], Will Johnson [USA], and Bjorn

Sargoza [Bonaire]. The Long Island contingent, brought by Jace Panebianco

had their hands full trying to match the skills of these more experienced

freestylists. Top of the heap from the NY crew was Adam Dannewitz [USA] who

pulled through to the finals to finish in 3rd place. Closely matched were

Bernabella and Sargoza, with 10 year old Bjorn Sargoza, the youngest

competitor coming out on top.

In the Novice Division, Francois Dufault [Canada] was smooth as butter

pulling of some very nice sail body 360s and some very nice Heli Tacks.

Clay Emer [Bonaire], was also equally impressive with a plethora smooth

transitions which sent him into the finals. Remsley Anthony [Bonaire] was

the best of the lot, pulling out some moves such as a VERY impressive duck

tack and push tack, putting him on top in the finals. In the end, Clay won

over Francois in a close battle between 2nd and 3rd.

Probably one of THE most impressive groups in the contest was the Amateur

Juniors, where MANY of the tricks being performed pushed the envelope,

possibly putting them in impressive finishes in the Pro Division. It was

such a close fight between first and second place, with Kiri Thode [Bonaire]

and Sammy Vingerhoets [Bonaire] battling it out, and a VERY close fight

between third and fourth place, with Jeremiah Malina [USA] and Bradley Louw

[South Africa] fighting till the end. The "on-the-rail-clew-first-tacks"

that Kiri and Sammy were performing even impressed many of the tour weary

veterans. On top of that when the planing conditions started pumping,

Vulcans and Grubbies were NOT uncommon. In the final count, Sammy beat out

last years champion, Kiri for first place and Jeremiah put Bradley down for

a third place.

The Amateur Men Division was certainly the breeding ground for some not so

distant future pros with enough aerial maneuvers to probably knock out a few

of the pros in the bottom of that division. Local sailor and wave sailing

standout, Jerry Evans [USA], pulled off some impressive flat water forwards

to push him into the finals. Also breezing through to the finals was Javier

Sint Jago [Aruba] who dazzled the judges with some smooth Spocks, Vulcans,

and event a few attempts at a Diablo. But, in the end Juvannie Thielmann

[Bonaire] showed these guys what freestyle was really all about by pulling

of some of the best aerial tricks of the division, putting him on top.

Finally, it was time to run the Pro Division and the planing conditions had

filled in perfectly with 20mph+ winds blowing. For the women, Daida Moreno

[Spain] and Colette Guadagnino [Venezuela] dominated the division by planing

sooner and more often enabling some really amazing aerial maneuvers.

Colette performed probably one of the best Grubbies in the contest,

practically planing out of the maneuver onto another transition. Daida was

equally impressive in her One Handed Spock-540s just feet from the beach,

wowing the crowd amassed at the shore. Freestyle newcomer to the pro scene,

Nori Hubbs [Canada] pulled out all the stops to get herself into the finals,

besting tour veteran Karin Jaggi [Switzerland] with some real smooth

Vulcans, Spocks, and willy skippers. Local resident sailor, Petra Kanz

[Austria], pushed the ladies when the winds lightened with her rock solid

planing maneuvers, but not quite enough in the aerial category to get a

podium finish.

The Pro Men Division was about the most impressive displays of freestyle and

such close competition that judging this group was the hardest. Any given

time during a heat, any one sailor was on fire. One heat leading up to the

finals was so close that it had to be re run as there was a tie all round as

each sailor matched each others moves for move. In the end, Matt Pritchard

[USA] and Keke Dimmers [Bonaire] pulled through that heat into the finals

and battled against last years King of the Cape, Martin VanGeehoven [Canada]

and Tati Frans [Bonaire]. Sometimes in the end, experience and a fluid

routine will win over youthful exuberance as Matt Pritchard took home the

crown of King of the Cape for 2002. Closely following was Tati Frans, who's

majorly impressive Double Grubbies were not quite enough to pull him to the

top. Keke Dimmers [Bonaire] and Martin VanGeehoven battled it out but

couldn't stay upwind enough to pull them into prime position for powered up

maneuvers off the wind. As such they suffered slightly in their moves.

Keke ended up over Martin in the end, but both put in great effort and a

wonderful display of skill.

The 2002 Verizon King of the Cape Freestyle Pro-Am would not have been

possible without the generous support of our sponsors: Verizon Wireless &, Paul Mitchell Systems, Hyannis Nissan, Vision Performance

Group, Gaastra Sails, AHD, Fiberspar, Cape Cod Windsurfing Association,, Caribbean Wind&Sun Vacations, Red Bull, Can-Am

Sailcraft, Cape Cod Windsurfing Academy, New England Windsurfing Journal,

Windsport, Windsurfing Magazine, Chatham Pottery, Hy Line Cruises, Venus

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Ocean Potion Suncare, Corsair Cross Rip Hotel, American Windsurfing

Industries Association, and US Windsurfing.

And the amazing support of our volunteer staff: Ann Phelan, Marc Lefebvre,

Peter Hart, Jim Desilva, Nevin Sayre, Chris Decerbo, Bo Pierscionek, Steve

Saunders, Chuck, Ayesha Wadud, Chris Caron, Mike Morales, Adam, Jerry Evans,

Bill and Deb Reid, Janice Digoia, Jen McBournie, Mary Ryan, Dave Boynton,

Scott Wilson, Maggie Wynter, Kelly Decerbo,

Katherine Kimball, Nancy Sheeley.

Mark your calenders NOW, the 2002 King of the Caribbean Freestyle Pro-Am is

slated for second week in December with a prize purse of atleast $35,000USD.

This freestyle World Cup event for men and women will be taking place on the

island nation of Bonaire. Stay posted for MORE details as they come


Pro Men:

1) Matt Pritchard ($3000)

2) Tati Frans ($2000)

3) Keke Dammers ($1375)

4) Martin VanGeehoven ($1000)

5) Tonky Frans ($750)

6) Ricardo Campello ($600)

7) Diony Guadagnino ($525)

8) Brian Talma ($375)

9) Jace Panebianco ($250)

10) Pablo Wohlgemuth ($125)

11) Ro Mayer

11) Olivier Matte

11) Mike Burns

11) Ruben Petrisie

15) Nathan Mershon

15) Luke Nagel

15) Darby Marriott

Pro Women:

1) Colette Guadagnino ($1500)

2) Daida Moreno ($1250)

3) Nori Hubbs ($1000)

4) Karin Jaggi ($750)

5) Petra Kanz ($500)

Amateur Men:

1) Juvannie Thielmann

2) Javier Sint Jago

3) Jerry Evans

4) Fred Vetterlein

5) Lawrence Hoff

6) Bill Reid

7) Jamey Clark

8) Neil Malik

9) Peter Kimball

10) Chris Lowrie

11) Mark Goldman

Amateur Junior:

1) Sammy Vingerhoets

2) Kiri Thode

3) Jeremiah Malina

4) Bradley Louw


1) Remsley Anthony

2) Clay Emer

3) Francois Dufault

4) Stewart Snoddgrass

5) David Richardson

6) Dottie Daniel

7) Tom Whittemore

8) Ace Ali

9) Nancy Liu

10) Christine Tarantini

Novice Junior:

1) Bjorn Sargoza

2) Christopher Bernabella

3) Adam Dannewitz

4) Will Johnson

5) Jimmy Solbeck

6) Chris Schilling

7) Marianna Scamboli

8) Kristin Avlolio

9) Solvig Sayre