Waveriders Kite surfing and Windsurfing Holidays are a new and exciting company

that can take you to some of the best locations around the world and give you

expert tuition from Start to Air.

Waveriders holidays are located at some of the best Wind surfing and kite surfing

spots around the world and aim to cater for different skill levels, different

comfort levels and for the non surfer ~ make things a bit chick friendly too!

(Sometimes the non surfers are blokes as well so other activities!)

For sure we cater for the more main steam locations as they are good value

but we also want to send people to places like Costa Rica, Antigua, British

Virgin Islands because they are just so excellent.

For our Waveriders extra choice holiday we will be introducing a 2 week Catamaran

/or Sailing boat Kite surfing and or Windsurfing trip around choice locations

in the British Virgin Islands for groups of 8 to 10 people.

Turn up, get on board and off you go aboard a 52 ft beneteua 510, skippered

and ready to take you to some of the best spots to Kite surf during the day

and to party in the evenings. What more could you ask for!

OOoooh yea and for the decadent a selection of toys can be arranged as well.

Our “UK” Kite surfing programs are aimed at getting people introduced

to the sport in the safest, most enjoyable way and with a no “bullshit”

approach, if you know what I mean?

We give impartial advice so as a beginner you can choose the best course for

you and then know that we are behind you all the way from start to “Air”.

For sure once people get the bug they look for the right advice to continue

their learning curve, what and where to buy kit and then experience the delights

of mental locations around the world as a novice or complete Air head!

So what we at Waveriders have done is teamed up / collaborated with BKSA, IKO

and Pro Wake riders that are also commercially licensed & qualified driver

/ instructors predominantly on the South Coast / UK to give you expert tuition

so that when on your holidays you are ready to really make the most of it, have

selected particular “kit” shops as they actually give honest feedback

as to what kit to buy and good prices (which always helps) and are also looking

at a unique collaboration to provide all your holiday goodies .

Our Kite surfing courses are as follows

Kite Starter.

Water Starter.

One on One.


Combi ~ Kite and Wake boarding.

Our Wakeriders course is such a brilliant way for people to master board skills

the quickest way. Combing Kite technique and Board technique instruction in

this way is such a great way to get people cranking and also to really be prepared

for those moments when you get over powered and need to be in control.

The boat used has been specifically designed for Wakeboarding has a 6 ft tower

and can kick up a 2.5 ft wake.

Tows are on the sea and not in a lake as will then give you the maximum kite

simulation. Please look at

for specific details.

All courses include kit Hire.

Once Level 1 has been reached, when on Waveriders Kite surfing holidays we

can arrange for further instruction to get you ripping up wind and getting some

jumps in.

Company name Waveriders Ltd / Waveriders Windsurfing and Kite surfing Holidays

Address: 76A Lansdowne Place, Hove East Sussex, UK, BN3 1FH

Contact person: Julius Bull

Tel. 0870 7455646



Courses available:

Kite Starter.

Water Starter.

One on One.


Combi ~ Kite and Wake boarding.

Local spots used: Hove, Shoreham, Lancing, Hayling Island, Poole and many others

along the south coast dependant on conditions.

Other comments: Please call if you do not see what you are looking for on the

website as there is a lot more in stall 0870 745 5646.