In the warm-up sessions for the King, we saw some amazing performances of

the very young riders from Venezuela: Alexis Zabala, Diony Guadagnino

(JP/Neil Pryde), Douglas Diaz, Ricardo Campello (JP/Neil Pryde), the

Bonaire kids Tonki (AHD/Gaastra) and Tati Frans (AHD/Gaastra), Keke

Dammers (Starboard), Kauli Seadi (Naish Sails) from Brazil and Colin

Sifferlen (Mistral/North Sails) from New Caledonia. They are

self-confident and sail without respect for the big names.

Seventeen year old Alexis Zabala says that he is so happy to come to

Europe: It is the first time that he left South America, his first time in

an airplane - and even the first time he used a wetsuit! In el Yaque,

Venezuela he usually sails in shorts. He is very proud to sail at the Red

Bull King of the Lake and to meet all the windsurfing stars: "They are


nice and natural to us kids - it is a dream coming true for me". And he

loves Italian ice cream (he eats about 10 every day) and: "the chicas

(girls) are soooooo pretty here!"

The domination of the all time World Cup Stars seems to come to an end.

Brian Talma (F2/Arrows), Irie Man from Barbados, announces the revolution:

"The youngsters are about take over! There are so many fresh kids who are

not scared of the future and willing to change the sport in a very

positive way. We should listen to the young what they have to say. It is

important that there is no stagnation on land and on the water. I can feel

a lot of energy and plenty of action for the future of windsurfing!"

Josh Stone (JP/Neil Pryde), two times World Champion says that he is

"super-stoked" for the sport: The youth explosion is a sign that the

future of windsurfing is bright!

Iballa Ruano Moreno (Mistral/North Sails), one of the world's best female

sailors, says that It is amazing: the kids from Venezuela, Brazil, Bonaire

and New Caledonia are so good, that one of them will be the King of the

Lake this year, that is for sure."

Remko de Weerd (AHD/Gaastra), top-seeded rider and winner of the PWA event

earlier this year in Austria admitted that he preferred no wind this year

at the King because "I have to train more to beat these kids."

Last year's King Matt Pritchard (AHD/Gaastra) could not believe how

prepared the kids are: "They raised the level of the sport in an

impressive way. The progress of the sport due to these kids is

unbelievable. They are keeping us active; we have to train harder than

ever to keep up with them. They are the reason that we are getting better

as well. Actually they push so hard that we get to a level we would never

have thought we could get."

Let's hope we get a chance to see more of their impressive performances

tomorrow - we'll certainly be up early to prepare for the show-down, as

our alarm clocks are set for 5.30 am - to be ready for the skippers'

meeting at. 6.30 am.