Saturday July 13, 2002


Kevin Pritchard (Bic, Gaastra) of the USA has taken first blood in the

men¹s single elimination wave competition after defeating local maestro

Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Proof, Neil Pryde) in a thrilling climax to a day of

extreme wave action. Held in relentless 40 knot winds Pritchard pulled off

two amazing one legged back loops in the final, which gave him the edge

over Dunkerbeck on his home waters. Daida Moreno (North, Mistral)

meanwhile continued her winning streak by taking the women¹s wave final

over Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows) of Switzerland.

Competition was put on hold until noon today whilst the judges waited for

the waves to build. The predicted swell started to show its face by late

morning and with 40 knots of wind cranking through rocket air was the

order of the day.

Pritchard opened up his account with a first round victory over Francisco

Onrubia of Spain. He waited until his second round heat against Pozo local

Juan Enrique Garnica before he pulled out the first of his one legged back

loops. His route to the final then continued with a tough string of heats

against Tristan Boxford (Fanatic, North) Scott McKercher (Starboard,

Naish) and Josh Angulo. On the other side of the draw the big man from

Spain, Bjorn Dunkerbeck quashed challenges from Jorge Garcia, Dario Ojeda

(Proof), Jonas Ceballos (Gaastra, Fanatic) Levi Siver (F2, North) and Nik

Baker (Mistral, North).

In the final both sailors were matching each other move for move.

Dunkerbeck was throwing massive one handed back loops and huge stalled

forwards. Pritchard replied with two consecutive one-legged back loops

followed by a radical tweaked tabletop. In the wave riding Dunkerbeck

struggled to find a connecting wave but still managed to ride with his

usual power and precision. Pritchard meanwhile seemed to find the better

of the sets and ripped his way all the way into the beach. After a nervous

wait for the verdict the five man judges panel gave the decision to

Pritchard with a 3-2 majority.

Kevin Pritchard

³I am pretty happy and pretty shocked too! It is pretty hard to Dunk the

Dunk in Pozo. It is still not over, he is going to come back strong in the

double I am sure. I¹ve been holding back my one legged back loops for this

event. It seems like I got a jump start with that move²

In the equally breathtaking losers final Nik Baker needed to pull of a

table top forward, an enormous back loop and a Crazy Pete in order to fend

of the challenge of Josh Angulo. The move of the day in the men¹s

competition today an incredible double loop from Orjan Jensen (North,

Proof) in his heat against his brother Vidar (North). Orjan advanced only

to go down in his next encounter in the quarter finals against Angulo.

The women¹s final between Daida Moreno and Karin Jaggi was action packed

form start to finish. Moreno seemed to take the lead early after nailing

several incredible back loops in the severe conditions. Jaggi was

determined not to go down without a fight and replied with a back loop and

a push loop. The final and could of gone either way but the judges gave

the decision to Moreno. The women¹s losers final was won by Anne Marie

Reichman (Naish, Boards, Naish sails) who defeated Colette Guadagnino (JP,

Neil Pryde).

Daida Moreno

³I am pretty happy. Today we finally had some waves and now we have

results in both disciplines. It was tough out there, the waves were not so

consistent so it was hard to find the right ramps!²

The forecast is for more ballistic wind and waves tomorrow so its looks

like we will be going straight into the men¹s and women¹s wave double