A company trading as 'Pronautica', are advertising RYA qualifications and

issuing counterfeit RYA certificates. The RYA would like it known that

this is illegal and 'Pronautica' are in no way recognised by the RYA to

carry instruction or issue any of its certificates.

RYA's James Stevens, head of training, highlighted the importance the RYA

attaches to policing its recognition and standards when he commented, "The

recognition of an RYA training qualification is international. We take any

infringement or fraudulent activity very seriously. If anyone pays good

money to 'Pronautica' for an RYA certificate, it will not be worth the

paper it is written on!"

A full list of all RYA recognised centres is available from the RYA

website: www.rya.org.uk and the RYA urges anyone to check out recognition

before booking a course.