The event will take place in Leba Poland

Sunday July 28, 2002


The Professional Windsurfers Association and Namaxa Agency are proud to

announce the first Formula PWA racing event for 2002, "The Windsurfing


PWA Formula Racing World Cup".

The event will take place in Leba Poland in conjunction with the Polish

Boardsailing Association and sponsorship of the biggest Polish mobile

phone network Era. With Poland as one of the leaders in Formula

Windsurfing through sailors participation, organization and overall

structure, this event will be seen as a stepping stone for the future

growth of the sport in Poland and will help establish Formula¹s Global


Marek Brzozowski from Namaxa says - " We are excited and motivated to


with the PWA and secure this event as the first PWA Formula Racing event

for 2002, we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship and

anticipate together, we can build Formula Racing up to get the World Wide

credibility it deserves".

Registration for the event will take place on August 6th, while racing

will be from the 7th to 11th of August. The Racing no doubt will be very

exciting, with all the top guns showing up including Formula World

Champion and current leader in the PWA wave ranking Kevin Pritchard (Bic,

Gaastra), Vice Formula World Champion and 2001 PWA Freestyle World

Champion Antoine Albeau (AHD, Neil Pryde) and former Formula World

Champion Wojtek Brzozowski (Starboard, Neil Pryde). Other notables taking

place will be the current Euro Cup leader Steve Allen (Fanatic) from

Australia, PWA racing maestro Micah Buzianis (North, Mistral) from the USA

and long time PWA pro Brian Rogild (Starboard) from Denmark.

PWA Chairman Phil McGain says- "We are very happy to welcome this event

onto the PWA World Tour for 2002, it¹s a big step for Formula windsurfing

and will lead to a stronger global identity and an improved World Wide

structure of which Formula is in need of. The racing and onsite

organization will no doubt be first class with sailors, industry and media

all anticipating the results".

We look forward to welcoming the competitors onsite in Poland for this

historical event.

Event entries will now be accepted at


fax +48 602 145 602, +48 22 614 23 68.

For all event information go to