Sunday July 28, 2002


Staring out of the window from the Hotel overlooking the spot the sailors

all thought that the wind was not as good as usual down at Sotavento beach

but we wereS WRONG.

What a day! A little lighter though than yesterday but perfect for

Freestyle action.

As Brian Talma the Irie man from Barbados put it: "Different day different

conditions which is good. This place is definitely one of the top spots of

the PWA tour. The organization and set up are brilliant. I also think that

4 days of competition is the right duration. And what we saw today was

tremendous Freestyle action" and than he adds again his famous word: "action!"

And there was plenty of it!

Ladies first today again and no surprises:

The final of the ladies showed the same faces as yesterday but the sailing

was even better.

Colette Guadagnino (JP/Neil Pryde) Freestyle World Champion 2001 told us

she was delighted because some of the male riders congratulated her for

her good sailing. "That never happened before" she adds and "I

pulled out

a Grubby a Spock, loops and an Aerial Duck Jibe and am happy about my

performance I ended up second today, "it is very hard to beat Daida, she

is ripping".

Daida Ruano Moreno (Mistral/North Sails) adds another win and is now

comfortably leading the women¹s fleet in this event.

Results Day 2

1. Daida Ruano Moreno (Mistral/North Sails)

2. Colette Guadagnino (JP/Neil Pryde)

3. Karin Jaggi (F2/Arrows)

4. Tanja Emig (RRD)

5. Ann Kathrin Stevens (Mistral/North Sails)

Provisional results after 2 eliminations:

1. Daida Ruano Moreno (Mistral/North Sails)

2. ex aequo: Colette Guadagnino (JP/Neil Pryde) and Karin Jaggi (F2/Arrows)

4. Tanja Emig (RRD)

The event of the men saw a strong come back of the French riders World

Champion Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde) and Julien Taboulet (JP/Neil

Pryde) who defeated top ranked sailor Nik Baker (Mistral/North Sails) and

Bonaire kid Tonki Frans (AHD/Gaastra). He was only stopped by young

English man Robbie Swift (JP/Neil Pryde) who sailed confidently with

extreme power.

The quarter finals were packed with action and the heat between Dutch

rider Remko de Weerd (AHD/Gaastra) and Kauli Seadi (Naish/Naish) was the

highest scoring heat of the day.

A difficult task for the judges and it was the young Brazilian who went

through in a tight decision and after that couldn¹t even be stopped by

Robbie Swift (JP/Neil Pryde) in the semi finals on his way to the final.

The other quarter final had a very interesting constellation:

Yesterday¹s winner Ricardo Campello (JP/Neil Pryde) against the winner


the PWA Freestyle competition in Gran Canaria Matt Pritchard (AHD/Gaastra)

and two times World Champion Josh Stone (USA 6) against reigning Freestyle

World Champion Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde). Gusty and quite tricky

conditions there and it was Ricardo Campello and the French power sailor

Antoine Albeau who went through to the semi finals.

The action was astonishing and it was again Ricardo who answered the most

difficult moves with an even more unbelievable one. Antoine for example

pulled out a perfect Swayze (jumped upwind 360) and the seventeen year old

kid from Venezuela with Brazilian origins answered with the same move but

one handed.

He moved into the winners final to compete against his friend Kauli Seadi


They both sailed unbelievably well and gave no favours to each other.

Here goes the summary of the 5 minutes Heat: K. Grubby/R: Grubby 540/K:

Willy Skipper 540/R: Ponch planning/K: Ponch planning/R: one handed Front

loop/K: clew first Spock/R: front loop coming in/K: clew first willy

skipper lollipop/R: Spock/R: clew first Willy Skipper/K: front loop/R:

goes down on a Grubby/K: goes down/R: Spock/K: Spock/ R: front loop/K:

goes down in a Grubby/R: body Drag/K: Wymaroo/R: Wymaroo/K: Clew first

switch stance 540!!! (MOVE OF THE DAY)/ R: goes down on a Swayze/ R: clew

first spock.

Their comment after the final: "We are always sailing and travelling

together and we were so happy that we moved both into the final that it

didn¹t really matter who won.

And then Ricardo adds with a smile: "I let him win" and Kauli replies


a laugh.

Results day 2

1. Kauli Seadi (Naish/Naish)

2. Ricardo Campello (JP/Neil Pryde)

3. Robbie Swift (JP/Neil Pryde)

4. Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde)

Provisional results after 2 eliminations

1. Ricardo Campello (JP/Neil Pryde)

2. Vidar Jensen (Drops/North Sails) ex aequo: Robbie Swift (JP/Neil Pryde)

4. Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde) ex aequo John Skye (F2/Arrows)