The day started off very well with the first women¹s heats but then all


a sudden the wind turned offshore and very gusty just before the women¹s

semi final. The head judge decided to put up the AP flag, a red and white

banner indicating that the competition is on stand by.

The wind didn¹t get back properly until it was called off at 5 p.m. so


don¹t have any competition results today. But no problem, the forecast


tomorrow, the last day of competition, is very good and the riders took

their time to relax and chat in the big tent at the beach or simply go for

a swim.

We asked some of the riders about the competition in general and their

performance so far:

Vidar Jensen (Drops/North Sails):

"I am very happy with my second place so far at the competition, even more

because the level of sailing is so high. I had an almost two weeks break

after my ankle injury in Pozo but I almost fully recovered. I sailed more

Freestyle than last year, which pays out now. I was surprised with the

performance of Ricardo Campello (JP/Neil Pryde) he was sailing very well

and in a very constant way, which is normally not the strength of the

young riders".

Josh Stone (JP/Neil Pryde):

"We are at a turning point in our tour, the tour is turning young. We

always said: it is going to happen but now it is happening!! It is a

bummer but in the positive way: yes I would call it a positive bummer!! It

is the beginning of a new era and it is very important for the sport."

Matt Pritchard (AHD/Gaastra):

On his 29th birthday Matt made a wish: "All I wanted for today was the

finalSbut it seems not to happen today. What the competition is concerned

it is getting more and more interesting as it is important to sail

constantly, pulling out big moves and link them together and try not to

fallS That was my mistake the first day I fell off too much. It was very

gusty and I maybe had a too big sail but you have to be lucky to catch the

right sail here it picks up quickly sometimes."

Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde)

"As we have already seen in Pozo there are about 10 potential winners in

the water, which makes it extremely interesting. I didn¹t train too much

Freestyle since I was very busy with Formula Racing and I just learned the

Swayze in Pozo. I think it is very positive to have 4 or more Freestyle

Grand Prix events this year because we will have all kinds of different

conditions. I will go to all of them for sure, even if I reduce the amount

of races a little bit compared to last year. Last year I did all in all

23(!) competitions S"

(We think that must be a World Record!)

Nik Baker (Mistral/ North)

Relaxing day today, but I would have rather had a contest, because there

is a discard after four eliminations and tomorrow is the last day so we

will only be running maximum three eliminations and I need a discard for a

good result here. It was tricky and gusty yesterday but I started off very

well but then I fell off a lot and didn¹t do any clew first moves and

Julien Taboulet (JP/Neil Pryde)was sailing well and beat me 2:1. Well

tomorrow is another day and I will try my best."

Angela Peral Martinez: (Naish/Neil Pryde):

The seventeen year old girl from Tarifa is very happy to compete here as

she says it is her second (after Pozo) World Cup and it is highly

motivating for her to sail with the World¹s best riders. I will go back

home and will sail a lot and try to come back next year with a lot of new


Karin Jaggi (F2/Arrows)

"This is one of the best organized contests on tour and I like it since


come here for so many years an I have real good memories also when I did

the speed events. I am happy with my performance of the first day but I

kind of messed up my second final because I was too much in the water. I

am however very pleased about the increase of the level of sailing of the

women and it is a big step for us."