All six events featuring in this year's unique Poole Audi Hex-treme event,

on September 8th 2002, are amongst the most popular and fastest growing sports,

according to a recent sports survey.

The Poole Audi Hex-treme event, taking place along the South Coast's parks

and beaches, has gained enormous momentum with a substantial increase in entries

compared to last year. The six-leg competition will comprise of rowing/kayaking,

cycling, sailing, swimming, windsurfing and running, all six of which have appeared

in the 'National Sporting Goods Association' survey carried out recently.

As a change from previous years, Kayaking has been introduced as an alternative

to rowing, in association with local companies Kayaks Online and Paddles Magazine.

The sport has gained a 12.5% increase in participants and is ranked third as

the fastest growing sport. Cycling now attracts 39 million participants with

running attracting 24.5 million, and swimming - 54.8 million. The NSGA survey

also shows that sailing has gained a 9.9% increase in popularity compared to

previous years, with 2.7 million enthusiasts now enjoying the sport.

Poole Audi Hex-treme has secured its status as one of the most innovative and

challenging of its kind in the UK and talks are in place to make the event global

with the development of 'Hex-treme International.' British Eurosport will broadcast

the event, with each leg contested separately, carrying a point score based

on finishing positions. Entries received are of a very high standard, with many

entrants having taken part in numerous competitions including The World Lifeguard

Championships and South Africa's Windsurfer Class Nationals.