Tiree October 12th - 19th

National Wave Sailing Championships 2002

Tiree 2002 is on. With much discussion with Scottish Tourism we have a good

budget and the event is back on. Following requests from many Brits who are

on the PWA tour, Tiree is the stand alone British Wave Sailing Championships.

Hopefully prize purse will be £3-5K.

There are 2 fleets, the main fleet and a fun fleet.

The main competition fleet has a maximum of 32.

16 entries are from the UKWA top 16 from last year, followed by the 8 well deserved

qualifier winners.

The remaining 8 will be made up of wild cards. Any one can enter the fun fleet.

If you are one of the 24 people who have pre qualified we still need your entry

form. (Download Tiree Entry Form here.)

There has been a lot of talk on who will getting the wild cards and ultimately

it is up to the UKWA wave committee. Therefore we have decided to distribute

these entry forms early and ONLY the entry forms returned by Sept 16th will

be considered for Wild cards.

The committee will then decide what is to be done re entry's.

The message is simple. if you want to compete in tiree please return entry

form by Sept 16th

For more information about the competition, or for travel and location information

go to