New in 2002, Extreme Holidays offer tailor-made adrenaline-driven windsurfing,

surfing and/or kitesurfing packages to one of the most respected and reliable

locations on the planet - Fuerteventura. We couldn't leave it long before paying

them a visit, and now can't wait to tell you about it - look out for a piece

in an imminent issue, but meanwhile here's the brief...

All the Toys: F2 boards (75L - 190L; wave, freestyle, freeride & beginner

designs) / Arrows rigs (4.2-7.1m; wave & freeride designs) / BiC surfboards

(6'7"-10') / more kitesurfing kit than seems entirely healthy (mainly Naish,

with Flexifoil & Cabrinha) / wetsuits & harnesses for all / a jet-bike

and wakeboard (for rescue and no-wind/wave action) / 3 luxury Nissan Patrol

4WDs (complete with air conditioning & multi-CDchanger) / 3 bloody great

big trailers ... all, miraculously, kept to an 'almost new' standard.

All the Breaks: Extreme Holidays windsurf (surf or kitesurf) at locations all

over the island from Cotillo in the north to Sotavento in the south, including

Glass & Flag Beach and many lesser known (but equally classy) flat water,

bump'n'jump & surf spots along the way. Caleta de Fuste (a mere roll out

of bed as it's your home for the week - mid-way down the east coast, minutes

from the airport and less then an hour from anywhere) provides all that anyone

might ask for, with an offshore reef, a small inner reef and completely safe

flat water for freestyle, beginners and improvers.

All the Options: You will be picked up every morning in a Nissan Patrol by

your (British!) instructor/guide/Fuerte-guru. Dependant on conditions (usually

swell in the morning with wind picking up in the afternoon, invariably hot!)

you'll be given the choice of what you want to do and where you want to do it:

Surfing, big-board freestyle, sightseeing, wakeboarding, sunbathing, sleeping

or a leisurely breakfast in the morning; then maybe a hectic off-road adventure

to a quiet lunch; then it could be wavesailing, freestyle, freeride (or, if

you're that way inclined, kitesurfing) - whatever your ability or preference,

there's a location to suit...

No Worries! A stress-free, week-long surfari - let your instructor take the

guesswork out of exploring Fuerteventura. 3 groups are kept down to an absolute

maximum of six people in each, all of a broadly similar bent and standard -

enough for a good social, but not so many as to produce conflicts of interest

and there never seemed to be a problem with kit selection. Crowds too can be

avoided - why sail a stacked break when you can drive to and park up (literally

on the beach) at one of many 'secret' spots? With conditions perfectly suited

to surf-sports, and kit perfectly suited to the conditions, this has to be one

of the best bets around for as much quality time on the water as you can handle...