A windsurfer's leg was shattered in six places in a horrific collision with

a jet-ski, reports the Portsmouth News of 28 August. Norman Betts, 55, now faces

the prospect of a year off the water after surgeons put eight bolts into his

leg during an eight-hour operation.

Mr Betts, who has windsurfed for 23 years, was sailing at Lee-on-Solent when

he spotted a two-seater jet-ski speeding towards him.

He sheeted out and shouted for the rider to slow down but the jet-ski ploughed

on, smashing into his board. Mr Betts heard a loud crack as his leg twisted

when the jet-ski hit, tossing him into the water. "Thank God the jet-ski

hit the board, not me. I don't know what a 350kg machine would have done to

my leg," he said.

Mr Betts, who was only 100 yards offshore when hit, is now calling for tougher

laws to control jet-skiers. "This is an accident that's been waiting to

happen. We need proper policing of the by-laws, which say power vehicles must

not go above 10 knots until they are 800 metres from shore."

The incident is now being investigated by the marine police unit based at Southampton.

In addition, a group called the Solent Skiers Association has started patrolling

the Solent in fluorescent tops. Any jet-skier who breaks the rules is reported

to police and could be prosecuted or fined.

But residents say that after years of campaigning they still want more done.

Gosport council is now considering brining in new jet-ski by-laws at Lee governing

speed and noise.