Preserve Our Wind! - Experts Wanted

The awesome winds of Moon Beach are under threat from construction monsters

and government legislation! They want to build more apartments up on the

point. As anyone who has been to Moon Beach in recent years will know, the

management there have long had plans for a massive expansion, but during

the 8 years that Gybemasters have been operating, they have managed to keep

the area protected. But once again the developers are gearing up to start


There has been a sad history of great windsurfing locations being ruined

(or just made a lot worse) by over eager developers erecting big hotels

directly upwind of the sailing area. Don't let this happen at Moon Beach!!

The Gybemasters crew are looking for professional people with authority in

their field, who can attest to the dangers that any construction on the

point might bring. So if you're an aeronautical engineer, a construction

engineer, or indeed anyone with letters after your name who can sound

scientific, and can contribute to the report that Gybemasters are putting

together re the effects of construction on wind patterns, to attest to the

fact that it would be really bad news for any building to happen on the

point. If you've been to Moon Beach you'll instantly appreciate just how

terrible it would be. So if you can help in any way, please contact Lez on

01243 670254 or email