Pritchard Shoots Off!

Tuesday September 24, 2002


The third day of competition here in the resort town of Westerland began

quietly with a 5-knot onshore breeze keeping racers and wave sailors on

the shore and relaxing in the hospitality tent. The wind direction had

swung to the northwest giving cross onshore as opposed to yesterday s

brisk cross-offshore. By 2.00 pm the wind had strengthened to 9 to 10

knots. Time for the racing to commence. Race Director Klaus Michel made

the decision to send the Women s fleet out first to complete their 6th

race after missing one on day 1 due to the extreme conditions.

Race 6 Women

Out on the water alone for a change the full women s fleet got away to a

clean start at the first time of asking. The leading pack quickly pulled

clear and this time Christine Johnston (Starboard/Neil Pryde) who rounded

the windward mark first with 50 meters to spare ahead of Lucy Horwood

(AHD/Gaastra) and current leader Dorota Staszewska (Starboard/Neil Pryde)

and Geraldine Jambert (Starboard). The long downwind leg saw no change and

the leaders headed back upwind with Christine taking the right, Lucy the

middle and Dorota the left side of the course. Dorota had made the right

choice and reversed the order once again at the top of the course,

rounding 50 meters ahead of Christine. Geraldine Jambert, edged out Lucy

Horwood when the British sailor overlaid the mark. The downwind leg was

frantic with some of the girls on 11m2 rigs in a solid 15 knots. The first

four stayed the same all the way to the finish flag.

DOROTA STASZEWSKA (Starboard/Neil Pryde)

I went to the left side for the second upwind leg, which was much better.

I was lifted all the way and Lucy and Christine both overlaid the mark. My

start was not so good but I sailed well!

Race 7 - Women

The wind had increased a little and stayed around the 15-knot mark. The

women once again started cleanly and Dorota Staszewska made a great start

this time and found the front of the fleet. Lucy Horwood was close behind

at the windward mark but just could not gain on Dorota. The positions were

unchanged for the rest of the race and Dorota comfortably took the win

ahead of Lucy, followed by Christine Johnston and an improving Verena

Fauster (Starboard /Gaastra) from Italy in 4th position.

After seven races from a possible maximum of 15 Dorota has once again

built an impressive lead with 6 consecutive 1st positions! The two British

sailors continue to fight for the number two spot, but there is plenty of

time for everything to change.

Women s results after 7 races

1st Dorota Staszewska (Starboard/Neil Pryde) 3.5 pts

2nd Lucy Horwood (AHD/Gaastra) 9.7 pts

3rd Christine Johnston (Starboard/Neil Pryde) 11 pts

4th Jenny Le Bihan (Bic/Neil Pryde) 22 pts

RACE 7 Men

The men s fleet got away after one general recall and this time it was

reigning Formula world champion, Kevin Pritchard s (Bic/Gaastra) turn to

fire off first to the windward mark followed by Phil McGain (Gaastra) and

Virgin Islander Devon Boulon (Mistral/ North). The deep downwind leg saw

the top three unchanged, but Steve Allen (Fanatic) crept up to fourth and

a hard working, pumping Wojtek Brzozowski tried to get the jump on the 10

sailors ahead by heading deeper downwind than anyone. It was an audacious

move that partly paid off moving him into 6th place behind Israel s Arnon

Dagan (Fanatic/Neil Pryde).

The second lap was much the same for Kevin Pritchard, cruising out ahead

on his own and that s how he stayed right to the line. The battle of the

Aussies carried on for second place with Steve Allen eventually getting

the better of Phil McGain. Patrice Belbeoc h (Neil Pryde) sailed a great

lap to improve from 9th and pushing Wojtek back to 5th. Current leader

Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde) forced his way through the fleet after a

shocking start to finish 7th, taking Devon Boulon on the line.


I had a great port tack start with Devon, then just basically hooked in

and held on. I pretty much sailed my own race and didn t even have to

cover anyone. I only made one change to my whole set up but sometimes that

s all you need to get that extra spurt and I just stroked the 12.0m2 for

the home run.


I sailed a really good second lap and had a great tussle with Phil but I

under-laid the windward mark by 50m and it would have been so sweet to

make it. I am happy though and it keeps me in the game. Everything is

still to play for.

That was all we had time for today, but the wind direction is good and

it's blowing about 30 knots now, so the wave sailors might not be taking

too much advantage of tonights hospitality at the famous American bar.

Their briefing is set for 8.30 a.m. So fingers crossed for great conditions.

Men s Result after 7 races

1. Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde) 7.1 pts

2. Kevin Pritchard (Bic/Gaastra) 14.7 pts

3. Phil McGain (Gaastra) 14.7 pts

4. Steve Allen (Fanatic) 16.7 pts

5. Wojtek Brzozowki (Starboard/Neil Pryde) 18.7 pts

6. Patrice Belbeoc h (Neil Pryde) 24 pts