PWA 2000 Wave World Champion Francisco Goya will exclusively use his 2003 Fanatic

Production Goya Pro Model boards in the last 2 events of the 2002 PWA Wave Tour,

Sylt and Ireland! Francisco: "I developed the 2003 GPM range with over

50 prototypes over a 12 month period, the 4th year in a row that we work this

way on our GPM range -we have now reached the point of perfection - and after

sailing on the actual production boards on my last promotional trips, I realised

that they feel as good or even better than my prototypes! So I decided to just

go to Sylt, without any custom boards at all, and have a standard set of 2003

GPM´s delivered there for me - so I get them the same way as any other

windsurfer, no special weights or anything. I´m 100% sure that these are

the best windsurf boards available to me right now, custom or production, and

I am confident to prove this in the next 2 World Cup contests! Winning the World

Tour on my own production range has been my dream and goal since I started working

with Fanatic.....and I believe

we are super-close to achieving this!"

Francisco is now fully recovered from his ankle injury that forced him to retire

from the Pozo World Cup, with both Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Jason Polakow now ruled

out for Sylt/Ireland due to injuries, the door is wide open for Francisco to

dominate the last 2 events and the 2002 PWA Wave rankings - good luck Cisco!