Staszewska Dominates And Pritchard Sneaks In!

Sunday September 29, 2002


The weathermen must be in conspiracy with Kevin Pritchard (Bic/Gaastra)!

Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde) must be thinking, What else do I have to

do, make a sacrifice to the wind gods? Antoine sailed an impeccable

regatta with no premature starts, no disqualifications, three first

places, one second, third and fourth, and two fifths. His discards were

two 7th s and a 12th, his only result outside the top ten. An impressive

tally at any event, let alone the Formula Windsurfing Class Association

World championships, competing against 95 opponents including the current

world champion and PWA racing world champion, 15 or so National champions,

and a brace of the most experienced racers gathered together since 2000.

Antoine led the competition from the total survival conditions of day one

right up to the penultimate race yesterday, Kevin the even more consistent

Pritchard (Bic/Gaastra) finally reeled the Frenchman in and sneaked into

the top slot. This weeks racing could not have been more varied, seven

different courses were used over the six days of on water competition, in

wind strengths ranging from 7 to 35 knots. Kevin kept everything tight;

equaling Antoine s tally of first places yesterday, and also avoided any

disqualifications or retirements. Kevin s three firsts all came using his

12.0 meter NitroIII with designer Barry Spanier watching closely from the



It s just typical, as soon as Barry turns up I win the next two races so

he thinks his job has been done perfectly, typical! But seriously I am so

happy to defend my formula world title successfully. I think it s easier

to come from behind sometimes but, there could have been waves, or

absolutely no wind, and the title would have been Antoine s. I have to get

my head into waves now for Ireland. I really want to win the wave title

because it will really put the pressure on my brother to win the freestyle!

Obviously Kevin was in pretty good humor having found his form just when

it mattered most, but many of the top sail and board designers could be

seen on the beach, welded to binoculars, watching their creations in their

intended environment. Many of the new Formula board designs have been

briefly glimpsing the light of the day in the pit area including the new

ultra-short Starboard, and the radically tailed new Fanatic. Formula

Racing is definitely looking healthy right now.

Third placed man Wojtek Brzozowski (Starboard/Neil Pryde) also found his

best form in the last two days but suffered one disqualification in race 5

and only managed two victories. He must now have his sights firmly fixed

on challenging for the PWA racing title for 2002, with one event to go he

is placed close behind current leader Steve Allen (Fanatic). Who continued

his fine form from Poland by placing a very respectable 4th place and can

t wait to get to Brazil for the final.

Apart from the slight hiccups in race one and eight, it was a perfect

score of 5.6 points for reigning and now undefeated women s formula class

world champion Dorota Staszewska (Starboard/Neil Pryde). Dorota once again

showed both technical and tactical superiority in all but the wildest of

conditions. The strongest challenges to Dorota s supremacy came from the

two British sailors Lucy Horwood (AHD/Gaastra) and Christine Johnston

(Starboard/Neil Pryde) who filled the number two and three spots. Lucy

started the event with a bullet on the first and roughest day but only

found her best form once more although placing second for the majority of

other races can hardly be considered a poor performance! Christine

Johnston s arrival proved successful and her consistent performance logged

four 2nd places. Perhaps training with Lucy will improve their level

enough to put some serious pressure on Dorota, perhaps we will see at the

next event. Another title for the Polish number 1 who works so hard to

promote women s competition and is always there to help anybody get into

racing. Girls should check out her web site at

for any information and tips on the women s scene from the very best.


I am very happy, but glad to go home now to Warsaw as I am renewing my

apartment and starting university on Tuesday to study International

Relations. I will have to get away for the last event though!

There are many competitor s worth of a mention but I don t have the time

or space to mention them all, although 19 year old Michael Polanowski s

remarkable performance is more than deserving of a few lines. Windsurfing

for just four years, Michael s first championships in Thailand 2000 saw

him finish 44th, last year in Brazil brought him the youth world title and

a 20th place overall. Here in Sylt he finished 8th, the youngest rider in

the top ten by four years. Michael is Wojtek s training partner and I

wonder how long it will be before the apprentice outstrips the master.

Definitely one to watch.

That about wraps things up here in Westerland as the packing continues and

the well-rested wave sailors prepare for the trip to Ireland s Dingle

peninsula. One last word from our resident bookie, Eric Troostheide

(Mistral/North) as the flags come down for the last time.


I ve had a great week, made no money but lots of new friends, lots of good

ideas came up and the sweepstake was great entertainment for the week. I

can t wait to get into the waves in Ireland though but its also the right

place to get a few good tips on the horses!


1. Kevin Pritchard (Bic/Gaastra)

2. Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde)

3. Wojtek Brzozowski (Starboard/Neil Pryde)

4. Steve Allen (Fanatic)

5. Phil McGain (Gaastra)


1. Steve Allen 4101 Pts

2. Antoine Albeau 4068 Pts

2. Wojtek Brzozowski 4068 Pts

2. Kevin Pritchard 4068 Pts

5. Micah Buzianis 4002 Pts (Mistral/North)


1. Dorota Staszewska (Starboard/Neil Pryde)

2. Lucy Horwood (AHD/Gaastra)

3. Christine Johnston (Starboard/Neil Pryde)

4. Jenny Le Bihan (Bic/Neil Pryde)

5. Geraldine Jambert (Starboard)


1. Dorota Staszewska 4200 Pts

2. Lucy Horwood 4134 Pts

3. Verena Fauster 3939 Pts (Starboard/Gaastra)

4. Margit Germany 3837 Pts (Starboard)

5. Anna Wegrzynek 3573 Pts