As the summer destinations heat up it is all about choosing your spot of choice... or perhaps even spots of choice, why settle with one?

Here at Boards we caught up with seasoned veteran Flo Ragossnig to give us his top 5 reasons for why Kefalos is the most kick-ass destination of all. We hand over to the Centre Manager of 10 years to find out more and make sure you check out the last page (or jump straight to it here) for their very cool clip from the season just gone by. If that doesn't get you planning, we don't know what will.


ONE - Perfect conditions for all levels

Kefalos was one of the first big windsurfing spots in Greece back in the 80's. Since then it got a bit quiet and there are only 2 centres left in the bay. As the wind is coming cross off the water is super flat and therefore perfect for beginners, advanced, speed cracks and freestylers. Due to the geologic formation of the bay and the location on the island it is the windiest spot on Kos.

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TWO - Unlimited potential


Kefalos bay is about 2.5 km long. Plus the wind gets progressively stronger as you go further out, so you can pick exactly the right conditions for you and your gear. This also helps to spread people out over the whole bay and you literally end up with virtually unlimited space! You don't even need to look back when you gybe...

THREE - Paradise on Earth


The scenery is just mind blowing! Crystal clear, turquoise water with a temp of about 25C throughout the summer. Kefalos is also a historic place and you can find lots of old ruins from the ancient Greeks.

FOUR - No wind, no problem


If you fancy a break from windsurfing and still want to be active the area is perfect for mountain bike tours. Lots of dirt roads with absolutely no traffic. These roads also direct you to stunning deserted beaches with absolutely no people! Or jump on a boat and see the surrounding area in a different way.

FIVE - The night-life

There is a bunch of sick bars along the harbour road where you can party all night long! Bars and tavernas in general are all just a stone throw away... and we have the best staff in the business ;-)

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