Yesterday we heard from Sam Neal and Russ Jenkins, who are already up in Tiree and now it sounds like the conditions are just getting bigger and better...

"Puravida riders Sam Neal and Russ Jenkins scored it again today on Tiree with no one out at Ballephuil initially, with cross-off winds and well over head high fun waves. This gave Russ an opportunity to try his new Hot Sails Maui KS3, 3 batten wave sail, loving it instantly off the beach with it's stable locked in feel and massive wind range...a real magic sail.

As the crowds arrived from the days ferry, including Ben Proffitt, Justyna Sniady and Nigel Treacy, everyone headed round to the Maze to blow off the cobwebs and tackle 50 knot gusts, sailing well into the early evening.

Fingers crossed that the wind and waves continue for tomorrow and into the Tiree Wave Classic too!"

Images credit Jess Medina.