Steve Allen retains lead in 2003 PWA Formula Rankings

EuroCup/IFCA Worlds Winner and current PWA Formula leader, Steve Allen finished

in 4th place in the recently held FW World Championships/PWA FW contest on Sylt,

Germany, after 11 races and extremly close final positions. Steve was a little

unlucky not to have a podium finish, with the top 4 places seperated by only

2 points each! It was in the light winds that the Fanatic Formula team showed

the full potential of the Falcon 100, in the last race of the event, won by

Fanatic´s most promising Formula hope Arnon Dagan - there were 4 Falcon

100´s in the top 5! Arnon finished in 7th overall, with 7 top ten races,

Ben van der Steen in 9th, with Fanatic a very close 2nd in the manufacturers

rankings. Overall there were 16 Falcon´s used in the Worlds, mostly in

the top rankings.

Even more promising is the news from Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach

for 2003:

"This year was an amazing success for Fanatic on the Formula windsurfing

scene worldwide, Steve Allen taking almost every title possible and still the

favourite for the PWA FW 2003 title. Even more encouraging was the results of

our other Formula team riders, Arnon Dagan and Ben van der Steen, as well as

many other top National riders. We had the chance on Sylt to present the new

Falcon T² for the 2003 FW season, it drew a huge interest and firmly established

Fanatic as the outright favourite for all FW titles in 2003! Even better news

for Fanatic is that following various meetings on Sylt and prior to the event,

Fanatic can confirm to have an even bigger FW team for 2003, with many top National

riders selecting the Falcon T² as their best possible board - and a minimum

of 15 of the top 30 riders from this year´s Worlds are already confirmed

as Fanatic riders! Fanatic is 100% behind FW as we believe this is the best

possible form of racing worldwide, the F1 of windsurfing and still easily accessible

to new-comers with the production equipment used. We call on all our fellow

manufacturers, media partners and national organisations to support FW and give

it the best possible image.

With the FW and PWA meetings held on Sylt, there will be a clear format and

structure in FW racing for 2003, with PWA being the highest level, EuroCup and

other continental series as a second tier, followed by all the National series

events as the third level. This should give a clear and easy structure for media

and manufacturers to promote and encourage, so all in all FW looks to be even

more positive for 2003!"