Top south coast windsurfers blag VW van for trip to British Windsurfing Championships...

What ever it takes to get them there windsurfers from around the country

are heading off this October to the British Windsurfing Championships in

West Scotland. Top south coast windsurfers, Andy and Steve King have used

their initiative and are on their way with the helping hand, or rather

wheels, of Southampton based vehicle dealership Testwood Van.

As part of a sponsorship deal, they have been loaned a brand new Volkswagen

Van to take them the length of the country to compete in the prestigious


Commenting on their backing from Testwood Van, Andy said: "Driving all


way to Scotland means we need a reliable and economic vehicle. The VW Van

is a real plus for us as it's durable and efficient enough to cope with the

long trip. It's also a very practical choice as we need a spacious van for

storing our kit during the competition."

Terry Luxton from Exeter will join identical twins Andy and Steve, 26, on

their trip and the team are hopeful of coming home from the championships

victorious. Competition favourite, Andy is certainly no stranger to

success he finished fifth in the UK wave sailing series last year and is

currently ranked third in the prestigious International Triple Crown series.

Testwood Van Centre brand manager, Phil Clements said: "Demand for our

vehicles comes from a range of people from local businesses to top ranking

sportsmen and women. VW Vans are synonymous with the sports of windsurfing,

but this is the first time we've been involved in a sponsorship deal such

as this. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for the team and I hope that

everyone gives them as they see them their trip."