The name's Hamilton... Laird Hamilton...

One of the luxuries of having already made 19 Bond films is that when the producers

pick up the phone to get the best person for the job, they can usually assume

that the person will be interested in taking it on. So when the script called

for a spectacular surf scene, the producers called for Oxbow team rider and

world renowned big wave surfer Laird Hamilton.

In one of the scenes 007 is being chased on one of the world's biggest waves:

Jaws. Laird Hamilton was given the mission to stand in for 007......."We

went for a huge wave on Maui called Jaws. It's a hungry wave that wants to eat

you, that's why they call it Jaws" (Laird Hamilton)

Spring/Summer 2003 will see the launch of Oxbows new Laird Hamilton line. The

Laird Hamilton by Oxbow line combines a high level of performance, user-friendliness

and quality in its design and fabrics. More information can be found on our

website and a brochure previewing the range can be sent on request.