Friday October 25, 2002


Racing returned to the PWA with a vengeance this season with two hugely

successful Formula racing events in Leba, Poland and Sylt, Germany. The

men s racing title was narrowly won by Aussie race specialist Steve Allen

(Fanatic) ahead of Antoine Albeau (Neil Pryde AHD), Kevin Pritchard

(Gaastra, Bic) and Wojtek Brzozowski (Neil Pryde, Starboard) who all

finished in equal second. The battle was tough and between the two events

a total of 24 races were held in conditions ranging anywhere between 7-30


Allen won convincingly at the first PWA race of the season in Poland where

his light wind superior tactics blew away the rest of the fleet. He then

went on to clinch fourth place after a closely fought regatta in Sylt. The

combined results of the two events were just enough to give Allen his

first ever PWA World Cup title.


This has been one of the biggest dreams of my life, to hold a PWA World

Title, the most prestigious windsurfing title in the World. At the start

of my career I said to some friends that I wanted to go and win the PWA

tour against the very best sailors in the World. They mostly said that I

was dreaming and that it is not possible. Well maybe for some time there I

settled into a groove of just being top ten and wondered if my friends

were right, but I never lost my desire and dream. Then this year I decided

to just focus on winning racing and not to compete in waves. The decision

has paid off and I am so incredibly stoked for my dream to finally come true.

Even though there were only 2 events this year for the title, the racing

was fantastic. From the 2 events we had a total of 24 races, in every

condition from 7 knots to over 30 knots with very close racing between the

whole top ten. The three guys behind me& Kevin, Antoine and Wojtek all

being on the same points for 2nd. This whole year has been incredible for

me. I married to my beautiful wife Agata, then I won the Euro Cup tour

after 9 events, then the IFCA World title and now my first ever PWA World

Tour title to top off a complete superb year for me.

I would like to give a huge thanks to my parents and family, my father who

taught me how to windsurf and my mum for the positive thinking advice. I

would also like to thank my wife and her family, and to all the families

around the world that have welcomed me into their homes and helped me so

much over the years. I also would not be here today if it was not for my

cousin Joel Tyack and my first board sponsor Steve Mcgeary who helped to

show me the direction to take in my windsurfing, giving me great

motivation from the start.

Then most recently the whole Fanatic team who I have been working with

towards this goal over the past 5 years, and my other sponsors Benzacne,

Rip Curl, Deboichet and Liberty.

Dreams do come true& Steve Allen


1. Steve Allen (Fanatic) 4101 pts

2. Antoine Albeau (Neil Pryde, AHD) 4068 pts.

2. Wojtek Brzozowski (Starboard, Neil Pryde) 4068 pts.

2. Kevin Pritchard (Bic, Gaastra) 4068 pts.

5. Micah Buzianis (Mistral, North) 4002 pts.

The 2002 overall PWA Formula Women s race title was won by Polish sailor,

Dorota Staszewska (Starboard, Neil Pryde). Despite brave challenges from

British racer Lucy Horwood (Gaastra, AHD) and Verena Fauster of Italy,

Dorota was the dominating force on this year s female race circuit. Her

performances in both Poland and Sylt were mind blowing and her supremacy

in most races was rarely challenged.


1. Dorota Staszewska (Starboard, Neil Pryde) 4200 pts.

2. Lucy Horwood (Gaastra, AHD) 4134 pts.

3. Verena Fauster (Starboard, Gaastra) 3939 pts.

4. Margit Germany (Starboard) 3837 pts.

5. Anna Wegrzynek 3573 pts.

Dorota says Thanks to my sponsors ERA, Neil Pryde, Starboard, Deboichet

and Reebok for supporting me last two years. I hope that the PWA

interest in Formula will grow and that next year we'll get more WC

events when we can meet again and push it to the limits .

The return of Formula racing to the PWA has been warmly welcomed by the

sailors and proved to be a huge success. The PWA represents excellence in

windsurfing and its membership constitutes the who s who of the sport.

This years PWA formula racing tested the skill, stamina and strength of

the best racers in the world. Congratulations to Steve and Dorota for your

victories. It is hoped that the 2003 Formula race calendar will be

extended to include several new events.