Tonki Frans On Track For The King Of The Caribbean!

Sunday December 15, 2002


Nineteen-year-old local sailor Tonki Frans (Gaastra, AHD) has won the

opening single elimination of the third round here at Sorobon Beach, the

headquarters of the PWA freestyle finals. In light winds blowing between

12 and 15 knots Tonki defeated Venezuelan freestyle maestro Ricardo

Campello (JP, Neil Pryde) in front of his home crowds. The result today

means that Tonki is on course for winning the King Of the Caribbean title

here in Bonaire. In the womens fourth elimination Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows)

won again today making it 2-2 against Colette Guadagnino (JP, Neil Pryde)

after four rounds.

Tonki stormed his way through to the mens final today after defeating

Tyson Poor, John Skye (F2, Arrows), Chris Audsley (Mistral) and his

brother Tati Frans (Gaastra, AHD). On the other side of the draw Campello

took down Antoine Albeau (AHD, Neil Pryde), Chris Sammer (F2, Arrows),

Remko de Weerd (Gaastra, AHD) and Kauli Seadi (Naish boards, Naish Sails).

In the final Tonki almost seemed glued to his rig as he slid through his

repertoire of spocks, flakas and mind-boggling transitions. Campello

fought his hardest but seemed to be slightly underpowered and struggled to

maintain his consistency. Over a thousand spectators swarmed to the beach

today to cheer along the Frans brothers, their home grown windsurfing heroes!


It was light but I sailed my best and I am on track for the King of the

Caribbean. I think that is what the whole crowd expects from me. I am so


Campellos main rival for the overall title&Matt Pritchard (Gaastra, AHD),

finished today in equal fifth after losing against a powerful performance

the from Brazilian samba sensation Kauli Seadi in the quarter finals.

Seadi then went on to take third place toady after defeating Tati Frans

(Gaastra, AHD) in the losers final. The battle between Pritchard and

Campello is extremely tight and tomorrows double elimination results could

determine the winner!

Nik Baker (Mistral, North) suffered a further blow to his hopes of winning

the title after losing to Douglas Diaz (Fanatic, North) in the third

round. Diaz was eventually defeated by Tati Frans in the quarterfinals.


1. Tonki Frans (Gaastra, AHD)

2. Ricardo Campello (JP, Neil Pryde)

3. Kauli Seadi (Naish Boards, Naish sails)

4. Tati Frans (Gaastra, AHD)

In the womens competition Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows) consolidated her

comeback against Colette Guadagnino of Venezuela by taking a convincing

victory in the three finals. Jaggi strung together a varied routine of

intricate maneuvers including stall tacks, grubbys and spocks. The overall

situation between the women is now neck and neck between Jaggi and

Guadagnino and the stage is all set for a dramatic climax to the ladies

freestyle finals here in Bonaire!


I had a pretty good day. It was super gusty but sometimes it just works

out. Today I just felt really strong and at least it is going to be an

exciting finish to the contest. I think I can do as well tomorrow as well

as I did today!


1. Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows)

2. Colette Guadagnino (JP, Neil Pryde)

3. Tanja Emig (RRD)

4. Julia Deutsch (Naish)


1. Colette Guadagnino (JP, Neil Pryde)

1. Karin Jaggi (F2, Arrows)

2. Tanja Emig (RRD)

3. Julia Deutsch (Naish)

Bonaire is now officially on the map as one of the best freestyle

destinations in the world. With a hundred per cent wind here at the PWA

finals the event is already being heralded as a major success. Local

brothers Tonki and Tati Frans have delivered inspiring performances that

should trigger even more interest in windsurfing from the hundreds of kids

who already participate in the sport here in Bonaire.

With two possible more days of action remaining the tension is now higher

than ever here in Bonaire. With 65,000 Euros up for grabs and titles at

stake we are all set for a sensational finish to the PWA world tour season!