Moon Beach Wind Is Saved!

The Gybemasters team at Moon Beach is very happy to announce the success of

their campaign against the resort erecting buildings that would kill the wind.

This has happened all over the world and ruined many of the good windsurfing

locations. For probably the first time in history such destruction has been

averted. The hotel plans are being designed around the wind, with nothing being

built right on the waters edge. The few apartments confirmed are one storey

and the foundations are being dug deep and into the side of the naturally elevated

land to windward, so that only a minimal amount of the building extends above

the natural height of the land. In addition they plan to raise the height of

the land as a ramp effect on the windward side of the buildings. This will promote

smooth airflow over the land again and preserve the wind.

Great thanks are due to Ben Abdel and Hilson Moran Partnership who kindly provided

expert advice and wind modelling of the location. An unusual project for them

since their world is usually concerned with reducing wind effects to stop people

being blown into the road and the like when new tower blocks are erected! Perhaps

Moon Beach will become even windier!