GET DOWN to Weymouth in the next few months and you have the opportunity to

test-sail practically any of the new 2003 Starboard boards. Windtek, think

they are the first retailer to offer such a vast selection of models for

test. New shop manager, Jonathan Solomons believes Weymouth has the safest

coastal stretch of water in the UK. Portland Harbour provides pretty flat

blasting conditions in the prevailing southwesterlies, and those conditions

attract sailors from all over the country. The location is ideally suited

for those wishing to give some of the newer models a blast before buying.

" Starboard is the most asked about brand in the windsurfing market at

present. The incredible Hypersonic seems like it has been designed for the

conditions here in Weymouth, because we have one of the longest speed

courses on our doorstep. Most of the test boards are here now, but in a

couple of months we will have their brand new beginners board - and that

will be put straight into the school. Even the Freesex for the freestylers.

In fact, we have 13 Starboards here for anyone to try, and if you would

like to ride a more extreme board, like the full-on Formula race board - we

should be able to get our hands on it. Come and experience why these

shapes are winning test reports in magazines around the world " says Jonathan.

All the boards will be at the shop in Weymouth. If you would like to test

one it is best to give the shop a call to book a session. If you don't

book or call, they can not ensure the board will be available.

Contact Jonathan or Sally on 01305 787900