As you will have first noticed in Boards Magazine, Simon Bornhoft has launched

all his technique features under the recently introduced 'SB WINDWISE' name.

SB WINDWISE encompasses all of SB¹s coaching, location advice and services

that are designed to enhance your windsurfing.

SB WINDWISE has just announced a whole new range of courses and packages to

give all levels the benefit of some professional guidance. With the refreshing,

highly effective and well-proven coaching system, SB WINDWISE will help you

grasp the vital actions and essential skills that immediately boost your windsurfing.

With substantial on water coaching, digital video playback and a whole course

full of assistance, your understanding, awareness and ability can soar.

2003 Courses for all levels are run at various locations, including Alacati

(June), BVI (July), Egypt (Aug/Sept) and Maui (Oct).

SB WINDWISE FastStart (Beginners Weeks - Quick, easy, progression.)

SB WINDWISE Essentials (Intermediates All the short board skills.)

SB WINDWISE Advance (Been windsurfing a while? Give your short

boarding a serious boost!)

SB WINDWISE Discovery (Exotic, stunning and secret spots.)

To find out which courses and dates are right for you contact or Tel: 01243 572442