It's a new British innovation that is set to take the surfboard out of the water

and into the world of interior design.

The Stikup is the brainchild of creator Jon Taylor and promises to solve the age-old

conundrum facing the UK's 250,000 surfers: 'where do I put my board when I'm not


Priced at £42.54, the Stikup provides a simple and easy-to-fit way to protect

the board, while allowing surfers to enjoy the contours of the classic surfboard

shape in the comfort of their own home.

Beautifully crafted from solid cast alloy, the Stikup incorporates sculpted beans

and neoprene lined straps, making it safe to hang on both walls and ceilings.

Jon, a designer and keen surfer for over 30 years from Cornwall, says: "Surfers

spend a lot of money on their sport, but having to leave your board on a floor

in the garage can not only damage it, but can also cause resentment among friends

and families.

"That's why I developed Stikup, as it not only protects the board and maximises

available space, but can make a stunning design feature in the home."

The Stikup is also suitable for sail, snow, kite and wake boards and is available

from end of November for just £42.54 + VAT & P+P only from

For further information please contact:

Jon Taylor, Tel: 01326 241697 or

Chymder Farm Studios, Cury Churchtown, near Poldhu Cove, Helston, Cornwall TR12