After seven successful years with Bic Sport, Kevin Pritchard has chosen to

join the ever expanding Starboard development program.

"Kevin is a great inspiration for us at Starboard, and we look forward


working with him on our shapes. With our research crew, Tiesda You, Jim

Drake, Jean Louis Colmas, Scott Mc Kercher, Colin Siferlen and Ben

Severene, we are ready to take windsurfing to a new level. We see a comeback


slalom in the future and Kevin also fits well into this development. Kevin's


and wave sailing dedication, is second to none, and we feel together we

can bring new blood into the sport.

Starboards future goal is simply to ensure that we can deliver tomorrows

boards yesterday and to set in action any activities we possibly can to

evolve the attention and interest level for windsurfing. We wish to

increase the number of windsurfers by 5 times the current level by 2007 and

we are

setting in place large scale programs to achieve this goal." Says

Starboards Svein Rasmussen.

"I have been watching Starboard grow as a company throughout the years.

The positive energy that Starboard brings to windsurfing is great. I am happy

to work with a company that is as passionate about windsurfing as I am.

Starboard's innovative product line has some exciting areas that could

revolutionize the sport. I hope to bring many new World Title's to the

Starboard family!" said Kevin Pritchard

Look for Kevin's first race on Starboard at the US Midwinters in Florida

next month.