ALTON WATER (under new management)

Alton Water Reservoir near Ipswich has approximately 200 acres of water in

a parkland setting, it is one of the best inland windsurfing and sailing spots

in East Anglia. And now a new team is in place, with Bob Kirbyshire running

the windsurfing and lots of changes. We have developed closer ties with both

F2 Arrows and Ski Surf 2000 our local retail Outlet.

Ski Surf will be taking an active interest at Alton supplying everything from

equipment to try out to technical support and progression sessions.

For Team Whiteboarders, Dave White is naturally keen to develop windsurfing

to its full potential at Alton because he not only learned to race there but

he also opened the clubhouse way back in May 1992. With the help of Dave we

are planning demo days and clinic days with some well known faces from the Whiteboarders

stable and even a ladies only clinic day!

Join us for our first massive demo day of the season, in conjunction with Ski

Surf, on March 23rd when we will have all the latest equipment from F2, Arrows,

Starboard, Tushingham, Gaastra, North, Mistral, Sailworks and Fanatic for everybody

to try. Give us a call and book your place in advance.

We have redesigned the structure of the summer courses that we will be running

so that no matter what course is completed there will always be some way forward

either in terms of further courses, one to one instruction or higher level coaching

running parallel with sensible advice regarding equipment. With the introduction

of up to date equipment our success rate will be better than ever. For the youngsters

who complete courses we will be recruiting as many as we can into our already

strong TEAM 15 team.

We are re-introducing Saturday multi class racing (Formula, Long boards Short

board slalom) on a league basis with prizes worth winning supplied by Whiteboarders

and Ski Surf at the end of the season.

We have lots more planned with things like a speed course a maybe even a jump


Alton has all the facilities you would expect of a modern centre, large warm

changing rooms with showers, a café, classroom, a small chandlery, a

big grassy area to rig up in and a large car park. We have been updating our

rental boards and rigs to include the latest from F2 Arrows and Starboard.

So if you want to come and have some fun in a friendly, professional atmosphere

call Johno, Phil or Bob on 01473 328408 and we can send you more details or

visit the web site at or Email to