The oldest windsurf competition in the world!!!

Who: TARIFA WIND CLUB - organizer


Cadiz´s Diputacion

Cadiz´s Mundo Vela

Andalucien government: Andalucien sports

ISAF 2003 Cadiz: World WDS championships

What: The oldest windsurf freestyle competition of the world. This PWA

Freestyle qualifier will be held on one of the windiest beaches on earth;

in a town with the best nightlife on world tour. Not only freestyle

competition, for the no-windsurfers lots of night activities to enjoy from

and the warmth and party going style of southern Spanish people, during

the typical and traditional Semana Santa festivities.

History: Once upon a time, in 1982, a group of German investors

promoted a windsurfing competition during the Eastern Time in a hotel on

Tarifa called: Dos Mares of Tarifa. They called this regatta Toro Andaluz.

The regatta did not had so much eco in the media, only one magazine

published something about it the German Wind Surfing.

The following year the German invertors did not continue with their

investment so they decided to leave the investment in the Toro. But a

group of amateur members of the Cadiz Windsurfing Club, decided to

continue with the project. In a few days they had financial support of

Cadiz´s Diputación Provincial. This support gave them money for

a minimum

infrastructure and so the regatta Toro Andaluz was held.

Thats how the story of the ancient world windsurfing regatta begins.

During its 21 edition it has become one of the most important social

events of Tarifa, and also one of the principal promoters of Spains funboard.

Since 1997, thanks to the help of Mundo Vela Consorio and Cadiz´s

Diputacion the regatta began a new growing phase that arrived into the

22nd edition of the classic Toro Andaluz. Since this edition the classic

regatta was included in the IWA´s Eurocup. Nowadays the regatta is on


way to its 25th anniversary.

When: 11-15 April 2003.

Where: Like every year the regatta will take place in Tarifa, on one of

the most lovely and windy beaches of Spain: Playa de Valdevaquero.

Status: PWA Qualifier.

Discipline: Freestyle.

Prizes: 25,000 euros.

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