Ski Surf of Colchester have organised the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of

March as the first of their come and try weekends.

Saturday 22nd the test day will be at West Mersea. High tide is at 3 o'clock

and will cover the road to the island for about 2 hours either side of high

tide. Water conditions will be good but plan your day accordingly.

Sunday 23rd the sees all the equipment move to Alton Water, Suffolk which

for those who have not visited this stretch of water is a big fresh water

reservoir with good facilities. A nominal launching fee will be payable,

which entitles you to use of the facilities including rescue

A vast range of equipment will be available to test both days with boards

from Fanatic, F2, Mistral, Starboard and rigs from Arrows, Gaastra, North,

Tushingham and Sail works.

Help will be on hand for any rigging or technique advice from the

manufacturers and the Ski Surf Staff.

For more information and to register your name (if its windy then this will

get you on the water quicker!) please call Ski Surf 01206 502000.