- The Red Bull Local Hero Tour, 18th to 28th May -

Six competitions, six locations, six winners, one big prize - a once in a lifetime

opportunity to surf with the 'pros' in South Africa.

If you are a talented surfer waiting to be discovered, then this is the competition

for you! Between 18th and 28th May, Red Bull will be visiting some of the U.K's

top surfing spots in search of six local surfing heroes. The chosen winners

will go on to train with some of the worlds best surfers and enjoy big wave

surfing in Cape Town, South Africa- but not before they impress the judges first.

Professional surfers Richie Sills, a big wave specialist and renowned surfer

from South Africa, and Sam Lamiroy, one of the most creative and flamboyant

surf talents from the U.K, will be touring the country with Red Bull in search

of the freshest talent to take to South Africa.

Taking place in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Scotland and

Wales, the competition is open to all members of the public, but does require

impressive skills, good fitness, and the dedication to succeed.

Competitors will have the chance to demonstrate their ability by surfing three

waves within a restricted time period. Points will be awarded based on their

surfing prowess and with keeping in the time allocated -the winner will be announced

as the highest point scorer on the day.

The aim of this event is to find and nurture true surfing talent, with the winners

going on to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. Assigned a professional surfer,

the winners will be taken to South Africa to be coached on new techniques such

as tow-in surfing. This will take place at one of the best surfing venues in

the world during peak conditions at some of the best spots like Hout Bay.

The visit also co-incides with 'Red Bull Big Wave Africa' - one of South Africa's

biggest surfing events of the year - one of only two big wave paddle events

in the world. With some of the biggest names in the sport battling the 5m waves,

the local heroes will be treated like VIP'S with exclusive access to the event,

enabling them to take in the action from the shoreline!

If you fancy the title of 'local surf hero' or would like more information

on the event, go to: for news, information and

to register your application.

The official website for The Red Bull Big Wave Africa event is: