Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) have today learnt that the relevant authorities

have made the decision to leave the RMS Mulheim, currently stranded near Sennen

Cove to naturally break up rather than be salvaged.

SAS are concerned that leaving the vessel to break up naturally could lead

to boat wreckage becoming scattered in a wide area for the foreseeable future

which would present an ongoing threat to beach goers and wildlife at this popular

tourist location.

SAS are urging the management team to think again and investigate further the

opportunities of salvaging the boat. We have ourselves today spoken to a salvage

operator who believes it would be possible to cut up the boat and salvage the

scrap rather than leaving it to decay, pollute or rust away into our sensitive

marine environment.

Leaving the boat in situ would be the 'cheapest and easiest' option but the

region deserves better when it relies on safeguarding its marine environment

for millions of people to enjoy.

What this incident has shown most is that we need urgent new and enforceable

legislation that recognises the SW's coastline as a 'Particularly Sensitive

Sea Area'. SAS have committed themselves to achieving this solution.

Richard Hardy, SAS Campaign Assistant says: "By giving up on salvaging

this vessel it will remain a scar on our coastline, SAS don't believe that the

proposed 'inaction' is a solution.

Over the longer term we all must be asking - how can we reduce the risk of

this happening again? What is the best way to protect our fragile coastline

from what is a continuing threat?"

For further information please contact Richard or Vicky on Tel: 01872 553001

or Mob: 07817 401480.