I've recently had all of my gear stolen (as well as the caravan it was all locked

in). The board was a Lightwave 265 wave board it has no great financial value

but is of enormous sentimental value to me, I've been sailing it for 12 years

[ it was state of the art kit back then, I bought it from grand prix in Cannock].

I'll pay a handsome reward for it's recovery or I'll just plain buy it back from

any-one. It's very distinctive, same design top / bottom and

has a pencil inscription on the stringer next to the fin box saying "shaped

for peter hart by bill atley". Also stolen was a set of 5 Lodey wave sails

3.5M to 6.1M circa 1988-92 and all other gear; same applies I'll just plain buy

the gear back, as it can't be replaced easily .

Who ever stole the caravan was obviously just after the van as the curtains were

drawn and the contents were not on view. So it's likely they'll just off load

the gear cheap or ditch it. The police are of no help what so ever, so any help

you can give in recovering my board would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

mark page

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